ABI Prism 3100 Genetic Analyzer w/36 and 50 cm capillary arrays


Beckman OPTIMA TLX ultracentrifuge with TLA 120.2 and TLS 55 rotors
Eppendorf 5417R and 5417C microcentrifuges with PCR tubes and 30-place-fixed-angle rotors

Liquid Chromatography

Waters 600 HPLC Controller with Waters 2996 Photodiode Array Detector with Waters C18 columns (3.9 x 150 mm, and 4.6 x 250 mm)

Imaging and Detection

BIO-RAD Molecular imager FX PRO with the external laser, capable of multicolor fluorescence detection and radioisotopic imaging with phosphor screens. Adapters and various accessories are available.
BIO-RAD Gel Doc 2000 for imaging direct chemiluminescence, chemi-fluorescence and densitometric images includes UV/white light conversion screen and CCD camera with 1,300 x 1,030 pixels resolution.
BIO-RAD GS 700 Imaging densitometer


Nikon E-800 epifluorescence microscope with DIC and photomicrographic imaging system and Metamorph software.


2 Power Mac G4 (with Canvas, Adobe photopro7, Kaleidagraph)
2 Pentium PC Dell Dimension 8250 (with Sequencher, DSGene 1.1, SPSS, SAS System for Windows V8)

Electrophoretic equipment

BIO-RAD mini blot transfer system, Mini-PROTEAN, Mini-Sub Cell GT system, Wide-Mini-Sub Cell GT system and accessories.


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